A Complete Laboratory for Accurate Quality Control

Since 2016, Fonderie B. Marcoux is equipped with a complete laboratory enabling us to assess the quality of our products, provide detailed reports to our clients and develop more specific alloys to meet our clients’ requests. This results in shorter delivery times because making use of an external laboratory is no longer necessary.

Three main machines are installed in our laboratory:

  • An optical spectrometer
  • A tensile tester
  • A microscope combined with image analysis software

These instruments allow us to carry out highly rigorous quality control, resulting in enhanced metal quality. In our facilities, we do chemical analyses, tensile tests, metallography as well as Brinell hardness. Through these three tests, we can rate the quality of the metals we manufacture. It is important to note that all our laboratory tests comply with ASTM standards.

Our clients will receive comprehensive lab reports with their castings and orders. We can also assist them in developing a more specific alloy following their request. By sending us their existing castings, we can provide them technical expertise for creating an exact replica of the alloy.

At Fonderie B. Marcoux, we always make sure that the castings we make fully meet the required standards and criteria.