Gray Cast Iron: A Highly Popular Material

Due to its many attractive features, gray cast iron is the most commonly found casting on the market. These casting alloys are classified according to their maximum resistance. This means that class 30 gray cast iron needs to obtain at least 30,000 psi of tensile strength before the breaking point. However, gray cast irons do not boast a high percentage elongation prior to breaking. To increase mechanical and corrosion endurance, alloys of gray cast iron can be made. As for Ni-Hard cast iron castings, the addition of nickel increases resistance to abrasion.

We produce different types of gray cast iron castings based on our clients’ needs:

  • ASTM A48
    • Class 20
    • Class 25
    • Class 30
    • Class 40

Abrasion-resistant casting:

  • ASTM A525 (Ni-Hard)

As over 90% of our parts need to be machined, a high grade of cast iron is needed. Moreover, we use ceramic filters during the moulding process to remove as much foreign matter as we can.

In our laboratory, we make custom gray cast iron castings tailored to our clients’ requirements.

Before pouring castings, we carry out a chemical analysis to make sure the molten metal meets the right chemical analysis and the right standards.

Upon your request, we can provide a highly-detailed lab report containing the manufactured alloy’s chemical analysis, tensile test, and metallography.

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