Superior Quality Ductile Cast Iron Alloys

Several names are used to refer to ductile cast iron: nodular cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron and GS cast iron. While they are all synonyms, these designations vary according to the type of industry in which they are used. The graphite’s particle microstructure increases this type of casting’s maximum resistance, yield strength, and deformation capability. Therefore, this alloy will deform prior to rupture. For example, let’s take the 65-45-12 grade: the alloy will start to deform when it reaches 45,000 psi but will support up to 65,000 psi prior to rupture while keeping an elongation percentage superior to 12%. In some applications, ductile cast iron is clearly a safe bet.

We create different kinds of ductile cast iron alloys based on the client’s needs:

  • ASTM A536  60-40-18 Grade 
    • 65-45-12 Grade 
    • 80-55-06 Grade 
    • 100-70-03 Grade 

In our laboratory, we can develop custom made ductile cast iron alloys to meet the client’s needs.

Since over 90% of our castings are machined, it is crucial for us to have good quality cast iron. Also, during the moulding process, we use ceramic filters to eliminate as many impurities as possible.

Before pouring castings, we carry out a chemical analysis to make sure the molten metal meets the right chemical analysis and the right standards.

Upon your request, we can provide you with a highly-detailed lab report containing the manufactured alloy’s chemical analysis, tensile test, and metallography.

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