Fonderie B. Marcoux: A Leading Quebec Company

Fonderie B. Marcoux stands out in its ability produce castings in series of small and large volumes, of various weight and size combinations and in one of the three following metals:

We are the only Quebec foundry to produce these three types of alloy castings under one roof.

The quality of our parts, as well as our short production schedules, make us a leading company in our field, and a partner of choice for all your foundry needs.

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Fonderie B. Marcoux: At your Service for Nearly 50 Years

Founded in 1970, Fonderie B. Marcoux Inc. is the only foundry in Quebec to manufacture gray and ductile cast irons as well as aluminum and bronze castings. With nearly 50 years’ experience, the company now has a team of over 20 workers readily available days and evenings to meet your needs.

Fonderie B. Marcoux covers a total of 30,000 sq. ft. We also have three warehouses totalling 9,000 square feet, which are dedicated to storing patterns.

Our foundry includes the following facilities:

  • Four induction furnaces (one for non-ferrous metals: aluminum and bronze alloys; three for ferrous metals: various cast iron alloys)
  • One laboratory
  • Five moulding stations with bridge crane
  • Five stations for manufacturing the cores
  • Four stations for finishing the castings, equipped with scissor tables and bridge crane
  • Two stations for cleaning the castings (with steel beads)
  • One room for sand-blasting the castings
  • One area for welding (steel-cast iron-bronze-aluminum)
  • One shop for preparing and repairing patterns


Fonderie B. Marcoux: A Focus on Eco-Responsibility

Today, as recycling is fundamental and environmental concerns are essential, Fonderie B. Marcoux is mindful of the environment and wishes to contribute to global efforts. That is why we use recycled materials as often as possible.

Cast iron: 80% of our castings are made from recycled materials (including car break discs).

Aluminum and bronze: The material is bought in the shape of ingots made from different recycled parts.

Sand: The sand is up to 95% recycled. Since only water and clay are added to the sand, the sand has no harmful effect on the environment.


A Family-Owned Foundry Since 1970

Fonderie B. Marcoux Inc. was founded on August 1, 1970, by Mr. Benoit Marcoux and his spouse, and was located on the 8th range in Laurierville. The beginnings were simple and modest. The adventure began in the family shed. Over the years, production increased dramatically and it was then that Mr. Marcoux decided to relocate the foundry to serve the growing needs of his clients.


  • Construction of the foundry; 4 employees. Bronze and aluminum are melted in oil-fired furnaces.


  • Purchase of a coal-fired cupola for gray iron casting.


  • Purchase of 2 induction furnaces (one for bronze and aluminum and the other for gray cast iron and ductile cast iron).


  • The Marcoux sons join their parents to ensure business continuity.


  • Gilles and Dominic become owners.


  • Fonderie B. Marcoux wins the "Reconnaissance en santé et sécurité au travail" recognition award for the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec area, in the category "Entreprise de moins de 20 travailleurs".


  • Fonderie B. Marcoux doubles the size of its company and significantly increases its production volume.


  • Fonderie B. Marcoux celebrates the 40th anniversary of its founding.


  • All the moulding stations are re-envisioned and re-installed to improve workplace ergonomics.


  • Purchase of 2 new induction furnaces, therefore doubling production capacity.
  • With its 4 furnaces, the company can avoid production shutdowns due to machinery breakage.


  • Nicolas, son of Gilles, joins the business with a metallurgy degree in hand.
  • Construction of a laboratory and acquisition of new machinery; purchase of a spectrometer, tensile tester, and microscope.